CONE GARDEN BOCKSILI (2014 Reford International Garden Festival)

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Popup garden made up of 1,000 rubber cones– it is a mixture of different genres, functioning as a garden, a chair, or an interactive sound device.

Upside-down rubber cones are built in combination with cable ties, creating small mounds themselves. Filled with earth and gravel inside, the individual cones become the basis for plants to grow together. An icon of development now serves as a device that embodies the value of natural conservation.

The intense contrast of red and green colors represents that of artificial and natural materials, plainly revealing the paradox of conflict. The development and conservation that have gone in completely different direction finally creates a landscape together in one place.

Interactive sound device

Thin plastic sheets are attached to the cutting surface of some rubber cones. A steel spring with proper length is suspended from the center of each plastic sheet. When the cones are connected, the steel springs move up and down like trampoline, depending on the user’s movement. They are rocking together and the motions vibrate a plastic sheet to emanate a sub woofer sound through the rubber cone. Small wave creates the serene sound of wind, whereas large wave produce the sound of hard moving storms.

Rubber cones with small iron balls function as an instrument that users can directly play. The rolling sound of numerous small iron balls on a thin film is reminiscent of the sound of waves on a beach, and users can enjoy the sound by directly play them. The rubber cones have been completely used as artificial materials, but now we functionally transform them as composite cones to enhance the feelings of people in the sound of nature, in response to the movement of people. All mechanisms are only generated by utilizing acoustic principles as a sound device.

Metaphor of megaphone
Recycling the cut cone, it serves as a metaphor of megaphone. Users can hear the dialogue from the other side of the hill through the interconnected cones with tubes. Since the entire six pairs are hidden, users start conducting a dialogue with the garden from each pair of matching. The icon of disconnection – conducting a dialogue

Two different materials in one landscape

The true meaning is derived from the difference. We sense the preciousness of light in the darkness. The depth of silence is meaningful in a noisy environment. In the garden, we have planted various grasses and herbaceous flowers in rough and wild sense in order to create the intense and juxtaposed image of conflict between feral rough grassland and artificial materials.

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