1st Story of OZLAB.

OZ. – the wizard in a fairytale ‘Alice in wonderland’

LAB – laboratory

OZLAB – LIVESCAPE’s cooperate lab researching “landscape in wonderland.”

Tip – Please don’t be confused or hesitated when you pronounce. You can just call it ‘o-ji;-lab.’- as purpose of our lab is just like what it sounds.(truth: we dont research design since we are already good at it so no more design lab)

Anyway last December, teamed up with architect Seungsoo Shin, we launched project called ‘ A4 garden’. This picture shown here is a mockup version of our production. one can germinate, grow, and crop veggies right out from A4 size paper we are studying. Nothing concrete has been completed yet, but our strategy on how to transform landscape design into another kind of social service in more of use friendly manner, is now up on exhibit in Seoul Museum of Art….

Now it is time to tell a truth. Seeds did succeed on germination in real pulp. But dried out in few days due to the climate of exhibit room. They all died so quick that we couldn’t do anything to keep them from getting out of the ‘sight’

Well…after days of staying up all night, our effort resulted in nothing. But it was fun. next time we will be back with upgraded version. Show must go on? Abso****lutely.

Photograph. Yongkwan Kim.

1st Story of OZLAB.livescape